What are the limitations of Newland's Law of Octaves ?

Asked by pdcavita | 24th Nov, 2017, 08:54: AM

Expert Answer:

Limitations of Newland's Law of Octaves:

  • Newland could arrange elements only up to calcium, out of the total 56 elements known.
  • After calcium, every eighth element did not possess properties similar to that of the first.
  • Only 56 elements were known at the time of Newlands, but later several elements were discovered.
  • In order to fit the existing element arrangement, Newlands placed two elements in the same position which differed in their properties.
  • For example Iron, an element which resembles cobalt and nickel in its properties is placed far away from these elements.
  • The periodic table did not include inert gases because they were not discovered then.

Answered by Ramandeep | 24th Nov, 2017, 10:04: AM

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