what are the important formulas and topics for emcet in this chapter?

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Specifically Chapter name is not mentioned in the posting. This posting comes under the chapter head "Laws of motion" .
Hence I assume you require important formula for the chapter laws of motion.
Important formulas 
(1) Definition of force, F = dp/dt = m × a , where dp/dt is rate of change of momentum , m is mass and a is acceleration.
(2) Impulse = Force × time  = F × dt  ;  Impulse = change in momentum = d(mv)
(3) Conservation of momentum :  Total momentum before Collision = Total momentum after collision
(4) Friction force , f = μ N  , where μ is static friction coefficient to intiate the motion or kinetic friction coefficient
if the object is moving and N is the normal reaction force
(5) Maximum speed of vehicle moving in a curved path 
If there is no banking of road ,  vmax = begin mathsize 14px style square root of mu space R space g end root end style 
If there is banking and friction , begin mathsize 14px style v subscript m a x end subscript space equals space open parentheses R space g space fraction numerator mu subscript s space plus space tan theta over denominator 1 space minus space mu subscript s tan theta end fraction close parentheses end style
Important topics
(1) three laws of motion
(2) Concept of impulse
(3) Momentum conservation
(4) Friction force
(5) Circular motion , banking of curved path for vehicles

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 20th Jul, 2021, 04:59: PM

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