what are the evidences of evolution?explain.

Asked by PRANAV ARORA | 26th Feb, 2011, 03:27: AM

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Dear Student,
There are large number of evidences of evolution-
1. Homology/ analogy
Many animals have similar bone structures, giving the superficial appearance of relationship. Thought to have been evidence for common ancestry until significant advancements were made in biochemistry.
2. Embryology
 Embryos of different vertebrates look alike in their early stages, giving the superficial appearance of relationship.
3. Fossil record
Supposed "missing links" between distinct kinds of animals which can be extrapolated as transitions between kinds. For example, Archaeopteryx is thought to be a transition between reptiles and birds.
4. Natural selection
Natural selection serves as a means of conservation, not one of creation. It explains survival of a species, not arrival of a species.
5. Genetic mutations
Genetic mutations have been shown to cause variation within species
6. Vestigial organs
Body parts thought to be useless remnants of past evolutionary development

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