What are the causes of soil pollution ? How do you prevent soil pollution?

Asked by Shreeya Nemani | 25th Aug, 2018, 03:03: PM

Expert Answer:

Causes of soil pollution
1. Industrial activities such as mining and manufacturing
2. Use of modern pesticides and fertilizers
3. Waste disposal
4. Accidental oil spills
5. Acid rain
Prevention of Soil Pollution
1. Crop rotation 
2. Use of fertilizers like dung manure, clarinet or compost, green manure and other organic composts reduce soil erosion.
3. Developing forests in new areas to increase the soil fertility and for the new formation
4. Recycling of waste materials reduce the waste
5. Public awareness should be made for the effects of soil pollution

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 27th Aug, 2018, 11:38: AM