what are the applications of arithmetic progression in our daily life?

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Expert Answer:

Any example where you get a straight line graph is a form of AP

1.Straight Line Depreciation
This is where an asset may be depreciated by a fixed amount per year. eg If an asset costs $v when new, and is depreciated by $d per year, its value each year can be represented by an arithmetic progression
v, v-d, v-2d, ....

2. The thickness of a roll of paper where the first term is the diameter of the core of the roll and twice the thickness of the paper is the common difference.

3. Suppose you were building a picket fence on a regularly sloping path with the top of the pickets being horizontal.
The lengths of the pickets will form an AP.

4. or building a ladder with sloping sides - the length of each rung would form an AP

5. Simple interest investment:
You put P money in the bank; each year they add Pr interest to your account:
P,P+Pr, P+2Pr, P+3Pr....

any situation where you have a regular decrease or increase would do.

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