What are the advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination?

Asked by rpadhial123 | 21st Jun, 2014, 09:46: AM

Expert Answer:

Advantages of cross pollination:

  • The offspring are healthier.
  • The seeds are produced in larger number and are more viable.
  • The seeds develop and germinate properly and grow into better plants.
  • Results in new varieties because cross-pollination can be carried out between two different varieties of the same species or even two species.

Disadvantages of cross pollination:

  • It is not always certain as a pollinating agent is always required, and it may or may not be available at the suitable time.
  • Pollen grains have to be produced in abundance to ensure chances of pollination. This results in lot of wastage of pollen.
  • It is uneconomical for plants as they have to produce flowers that are large, perfumed and with nectar to attract insects.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 23rd Jun, 2014, 08:36: AM