what are the 7 axioms? please send definations of 7 axioms?(Euclid's geomentry)

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Expert Answer:

The  seven axioms ( or definitions) of Euclid’s Optics are:    


1. Lines drawn directly from the eye pass through a space of great extent;


2. The form of the space included within our vision is a cone, with its apex in the eye and its base at the limits of our vision;

3. Those things upon which the vision falls are seen, and that those things upon which the vision does not fall are not seen;

4. Those things seen within a larger angle appear larger, and those seen within a smaller angle appear smaller, and those seen within equal angles appear to be of the same size;

5. Things seen within the higher visual range appear higher while those within the lower visual range appear lower;

6. Things seen within the visual range on the right appear on the right, while those within that on the left appear on the left;

7.Things seen within several angles appear to be more clear.


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