What are the 5 types of consumers and give an example of each ( like herbivores etc )

Asked by raghavdinesh | 10th Mar, 2015, 07:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Types of Consumers:



Primary consumers (Herbivores)

  • They directly eat plants or their products as their food.
  • Examples: Deer, rabbit, etc.

Secondary consumers (Carnivores)


  • They capture their prey and eat it.
  • Examples: Tiger, wolf, etc.

Tertiary consumers (Large carnivores)

  • They capture smaller carnivores and eat them.
  • Examples: Snake, owl, etc.

Quartery consumers (Apex carnivores)

  • They prey on larger carnivores and feed on them.
  • Examples: Hawk, raccoon, etc.

Decomposers (Microconsumers)

  • They live on dead and decaying plant and animal bodies.
  • Examples: Kite, crow, etc.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 11th Mar, 2015, 10:58: AM

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