What are systematic errors? What is their cause? How can these be minimized?

Asked by atulpd | 18th Jul, 2018, 06:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Systematic errors are those errors which arises due to the repetition of same values due to fault im instruments. These errors tends to be in one direction either positive or negative. 
Causes of systematic errors are:
i) Instrumental errors : 
These errors occurs due to imperfect design or callibration of measuring instruments.
ii) Imperfect experimental technique or procedure
iii) Personal errors:
These errors occurs due to the lack of proper setting of apparatus or observer's carelessness while taking observations.
Minimising errors:
These errors can be minimised by using proper instruments, improving the experimental procedure and removing personal bias. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 20th Jul, 2018, 10:20: AM