What are series and parallel combination? What is the practical utillity of these combinations?

Asked by bbandab | 18th Mar, 2020, 06:55: PM

Expert Answer:

Series combination - In series circuit, two terminals of the appliance is connected to terminal of different component of appliance.
Series combination gives high resistance in the circuit.
In series circuit, if one appliance stops working the other appliance will also stop as all the appliances have same switch. 
Parallel combination -In parallel combination, both terminals of one appliance is connected to both terminals of other appliance. 
In series combination low resistance can be obtained in circuit.
In parallel circuit, if one appliance stops working other will keep working as all the appliance have different switches. 
Practical utility- 
Series combination - lighting circuit
Parallel combination - connection of electrical aapliances at home, schools, offices etc. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 18th Mar, 2020, 11:04: PM