what are ribosomes,vacuol,cellcap,cytoplasm,centriol,golgi bodies,nucleas and geane

Asked by  | 26th Apr, 2008, 05:18: PM

Expert Answer:

r ibosomes sperical granules attatched to endoplasmic reticulum or r scattered in cytoplasm they r made of RNA  they r cheifly concerned with protein synthesis

centriole these r in centrosome in animal cell near nucleus  these initiate cell div by forming spindal fibres

golgi apparatus r flat membranous sac consisting of tubules n vesicles they synthesize various enzymes n harmones

cytoplasm has various organelles water n organic n inorganic cmpds it is concerned with various metabollic activities

vacuoles consist of clear fluid called cell sap covered by tonoplast it is associated with storage of water food waste n pigments

nucleus has genetic material DNA n is regulates cell div n other cell func n also transfer of hereditary characters

gene r specific sequence of dna on chromosomes carry genetic information

Answered by  | 12th May, 2008, 04:37: PM

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