what are polynomiyals????

Asked by Vinayak Kulkarni | 1st Apr, 2014, 04:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Polynomial is an expression,  consisting of constants, variables and coefficients which involves the addition, subtraction, multiplication operations along with the non-negative integer exponents.
A polynomial in a single variable is
a subscript n x to the power of n plus a subscript n minus 1 end subscript x to the power of n minus 1 end exponent plus... plus a subscript 2 x squared plus a subscript 1 x plus a subscript 0 w h e r e space a subscript 0 comma a subscript 1 comma a subscript 2 comma... comma a subscript n space a r e space c o n s tan t s.
Forming sum of several terms produces a polynomial
For example, x squared plus 2 x plus 1is a quadratic polynomial.

Answered by  | 2nd Apr, 2014, 10:34: AM

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