what are isomers? what are the conditions for isomerism?

Asked by Aditya Narasimhan | 23rd Oct, 2013, 10:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Isomers: Two or more compounds which have same chemical formula but different arrangement of atoms are called isomers.

For example: pentane with C5H12 exists in the following three forms.

Molecular formula of pentane is C5H12. The possible structural isomers are:

(i)  CH3CH2CH2 CH2CH3

      Normal or n-pentane  

(ii)  CH3CH2CH( CH3)CH3 


(iii)  CH3C( CH3)2CH3 


Conditions for Isomerism:

a. Only alkanes with more than three carbon atoms can have isomers.

b. The side chains cannot be present on the terminal carbons.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 24th Oct, 2013, 10:47: AM

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