What are infinite and non-infinite verbs? Explain with examples.

Asked by sm_tomar | 25th Sep, 2018, 08:34: AM

Expert Answer:

Verbs have two categories.
1. Finite verbs
2. Infinite verbs
Finite Verbs: 
TA finite verb is a verb that has a subject.
She eats
She ate
The subhect should give us the information about the verb such as who, when or how many.
Ritika wrote to her mother yesterday.
She writes to her mother everyday.
Finite verb changes the spelling for past and present tense.
The boy eats his pie.
The boys eat their pies.
The finite verb changes the spelling for their person also.
A non-finite verb does not change their form even when the number of person or subject changes.
These verbs almost always have a to with the verb.
Trisha has to work during the night.
Maira wants to play in the park.

Answered by Paridhi Bagga | 26th Sep, 2018, 04:07: PM

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