What are homodiatomic , heterodiatomic, homotriatomic, heterotriatomic

Asked by Andydwaghmare17 | 19th Jul, 2017, 10:16: AM

Expert Answer:

Homodiatomic means a diatomic molecule with  two atoms of same elements.
e.g. H2
Heterodiatomic means a diatomic molecule with two atoms of different elements.
e.g. HCl
Homotriatomic means a triatomic molecule with three of same elements.
e.g. O3 
Heterotriatomic mens a triatomic molecule with at least one atom from the three atoms is of different element.
e.g. CaCl2

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 20th Jul, 2017, 10:25: AM