what are collisions and non coliisions ? give xmaple for each

Asked by kunalxi | 8th Feb, 2012, 03:40: PM

Expert Answer:

A perfectly elastic collision is defined as one in which there is no loss of kinetic energy in the collision. An inelastic collision is one in which part of the kinetic energy is changed to some other form of energy in the collision.Collisions between hard steel balls as in the swinging balls apparatus are nearly elastic."Collisions" in which the objects do not touch each other, such as Rutherford scattering or the slingshot orbit of a satellite off a planet, are elastic collisions. In atomic or nuclear scattering, the collisions are typically elastic because the repulsive Coulomb force keeps the particles out of contact with each other.The extreme inelastic collision is one in which the colliding objects stick together after the collision.Most ordinary collisions are classified as inelastic collisions because some of theirkinetic energy is converted to other forms such as internal energy, like car crashes.

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