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We are answering your question 'Why was Akbar known as Akbar the Great'?
Akbar was known as 'Akbar the Great' because of the following reasons:
  • In the year 1562, emperor Akbar prohibited the custom of enslaving prisoners of war and selling their wives and children to highest bidders in open bazaars. 
  • Akbar was a secular ruler who took number of steps for improving the lives of the people of other religious communities. Few years after ascending the throne, he abolished jaziya tax and pilgrimage tax. 
  • Akbar was the first ruler to appoint Hindus in high positions in court in large numbers.
  • He introduced Sul-i-Kul(Peace for all) policy in politics and made all efforts to separate religion from politics.
  • Unlike other Muslim rulers, Akbar ensured that the people of other religions were not harassed by the state officers and people.
  • Akbar banned forcible sati practice and increased the age limit of boys and girls to 16years and 14 years respectively. He also promoted the idea of widow remarriages.
  • Akbar largely did not discriminate between the Hindus and the Muslims and followed the policy of religious tolerance and hence is regarded as one of the best kings in medieval Indian history.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 9th Nov, 2017, 09:47: AM

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