Whag is hydrostatic paradox? 

Asked by abhinavakrishna1009 | 31st Mar, 2021, 11:15: AM

Expert Answer:

In fluid dynamics, Hydrostatic Paradox speaks about the liquid pressure at all the points at the same depth(horizontal level).

It is defined as:

“The pressure at a certain horizontal level in the fluid is proportional to the vertical distance to the surface of the fluid.“

Consider  four vessels A, B, C and D  of the different shape as shown in figure. They are connected to the common base by a horizontal pipe.

On filling it with liquid, we can observe that; although the shape of the vessel varies, the horizontal liquid level in all vessels

remains the same. The reason behind this mechanism is, the liquid pressure is the same at the bottom or in general,

the fluid pressure is the same at all the points at the same depth.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 31st Mar, 2021, 01:10: PM