wha tis double circulation? explain with a help of a diagram

Asked by hels145 | 4th Aug, 2008, 03:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Circulation of blood twice in the heart is known as double circulation.Right and left side of heart are seperated from each other as the blood in both sides can't mix up. Oxygenated (oxygen containing) blood circulates in left side, it comes form lungs in to left atrium & goes to different parts of body by passing through left ventricle & aorta. De-oxygenated( Carbondioxide containing)  blood circulates in right side,it comes from different body parts to the right atrium & goes to lungs for oxygenation by passing theough right ventricle and pulmonary artries.  

Answered by  | 4th Aug, 2008, 04:06: PM

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