We say in a solution made up of a solvent and a solute, the majour component is solvent and the sbstance present in small propotions is solute.
But if we take the case of a 50-50 solution where each component is present at equaly, how can we diffrentiate between a solvent and a solute?

Asked by Prem | 15th May, 2017, 09:10: PM

Expert Answer:

A solution is a combination of two or more substances to form a homogeneous mixture.

Generally, substance present in more quantity is called as solvent and the other present in less quantity is called solute.

Water is a common solvent as the medium that dissolves the other substance is called the solvent; the substance that becomes dissolved is called the solute.

If the solute and solvent exist in equal quantities, such as a 50:50 mixture of ethanol and water, the concepts of "solute" and "solvent" become less relevant. In such a case, the substance that is more often used as a solvent may be designated as the solvent. In the given example, it would be water.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 16th May, 2017, 10:43: AM