we know water is a non electrolyte since it requires h2so4 to ionize to positively harged hydronium ions and sulphate ions then what property of water makes itself ionize to h+ and oh- ions along with the ionization of the dissolved salts ??  is it so if then why??

Asked by Himadri | 26th Jul, 2020, 11:01: PM

Expert Answer:

Polarity of water is the proerty that makes itsself ionised.
In water molecule, there is an electronegativity difference between H and O due to this difference O has tendency to pull electrons towards itself. So, when electrical energy is applied then these two ions are already polarised so it starts moving on opposite charged electrodes.
In case of addition of acid, acids donates ions in solution which attracts H+ and OH- ions and by result of this, it is dissociated.

Answered by Ravi | 27th Jul, 2020, 04:32: PM