We know that rain water is pure water and oceans were formed by rain water.Then why is ocean water salty?

Asked by raoss1967 | 6th May, 2015, 12:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, rain water is the purest form of water. However, when rain falls on the land it contains some dissolved carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. This makes the rainwater slightly acidic (due to carbonic acid). Thereafter, whenever the rainwater comes into contact with the rocks of Earth’s crust, it absorbs some of the minerals present in the rock. This water then carries salts and minerals containing ions to the streams and rivers and then to the ocean. Many ions get dissolved in the ocean or are used up by the organisms and are thus removed from the water. Others that are not used are left behind for long periods of time, thereby increasing thier concentration over a period of time.
The two most common ions present in seawater are Sodium and Chloride. They are salty in nature and make up over 90 percent of all dissolved ions in the ocean. Thus, ocean water mostly tastes salty.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 7th May, 2015, 04:24: PM

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