we know that frogs eat mosquitoes. 

But mosquitoes feed on our blood.

So, will the frog and mosquito be above us in the food chain??????????



I think food chain:

Plants---->Human---->mosquito---->frog---->snake .. . . . . . . . .

Asked by Rohit Misra | 19th Mar, 2014, 10:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Plants are the producers. So, they will always be placed at the beginning of the food chain. Human beings are omnivorous in nature. They feed on plants as well as animals. So, they are placed after the plants in the food chain. Mosquitoes are in general omnivores. The females usually feed on blood for protein supply to make eggs. The frogs may be insectivorous (i.e. they prey on insects) and so, would then eat the mosquitoes. Finally, the snake is a larger carnivore that feeds on frogs. So, the correct order of organisms in the food chain would be:


Answered by  | 20th Mar, 2014, 10:51: AM

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