>We know that, any charged body like glass rod rubbed with silk cloth,acquires charge and gets neutralised after sometime by exchanging charges with its surrounding atmosphere.
>Will the same thing(neutralisation of body) happens in vaccum or will the body remains charged forever?

Asked by Dhruva | 19th Oct, 2015, 08:52: PM

Expert Answer:

When a glass rod rubbed with silk , rod acquires a positive charge and the silk acquires a negative charge. So the charges are lost when the two oppositely charged brought in contact with each other. Which means charges are equal and opposite and this is why they neutralised or nullify each other's effect. This same thing happens in vacuume because charges  get shared between glass rod and silk. Hence, they neutralised.

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 21st Oct, 2015, 11:47: AM