We know diamond is hardest due to its rigid structrure and covalant bond .If we take berylium (others too like silicon ) and made the similar structure as of diamond ( i know we can't but as science is advance so if we take 2 more electrons from berylium and insert them in another berylium having 4e-  and in case of silicon it has similar valance as carbon ) and make them having covalnt bond as well as similar structure as of carbon .. then can the substance form be hardest ?

Asked by sucharitasahoo1 | 29th Sep, 2017, 11:45: AM

Expert Answer:

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Artificial diamonds can be formed. But, the way it is suggested in the query, is not possible as beryllium an d silicon have their own physical and chemical characteristics.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 1st Oct, 2017, 11:16: AM