Water is poured into a concave mirror of radius of curvature R up to a height h.What should be the value of x so that the image of object O is formed on itself

Asked by abdul | 20th Feb, 2014, 03:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the object be kept at O at a distance x.
Let P be the pole of the mirror and A be the surface of the water
AO = x
After refraction through the horizontal water surface, The image I is formed at
AI = μ x
PI = μ x + h
Now this image acts as the object for the reflection with the mirror. Only if this distance is equal to the radius of curvature, the ray will trace its way back and form the final image at the object itself.
So, μ x + h = R
or, x = (R-h) / μ 

Answered by  | 22nd Mar, 2014, 01:01: AM

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