Water is flowing in ariver at a speed of 2 m/s. The river is 50 m wide and has an average depth of  5 m. Find the power available from the current in the river is (density of river water is 1000 k g divided by m cubed).

Asked by a.behera67 | 5th Jan, 2016, 10:24: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style Given colon Speed space of space water comma space straight v equals 2 space straight m divided by straight s Area space of space flow comma space straight A equals 5 straight m cross times 50 straight m space equals space 250 space straight m squared Density space of space water comma space straight rho equals 1000 space kg divided by straight m cubed Form space the space continuity space equation space the space volume space of space water space flowinf space per space second space straight V equals Av Hence comma space mass space of space water space comma space straight m equals Vρ equals Avρ straight K. straight E equals 1 half mv squared equals 1 half Avρv squared equals 1 half Aρv cubed straight P equals 1 half Aρv cubed equals 1 half cross times 250 cross times left parenthesis 2 right parenthesis cubed cross times 1000 straight P equals 10 to the power of 6 straight W equals 1 MW end style

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 6th Jan, 2016, 10:05: AM