Water is flowing at a speed of 18 km/he from a cylindrical pipe of inner diameter of 7 cm into a hem

Asked by misvin | 27th Feb, 2009, 01:49: PM

Expert Answer:

volume of the hemispherical tank=(2/3)*(22/7)*(5*5*5)..(i)

Suppose it takes t hours for the tank to be filled.

volume of water coming out of the pipe in 1 hour=(22/7)*(7/2)(7/2)(1800000) cubic cm

so vol of water coming out in t hours=(22/7)*(7/2)(7/2)(1800000)(t)...(ii)

equating (i) and (ii) you will get the answer.

Answered by  | 27th Feb, 2009, 02:33: PM

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