Water drops fall freely from a tap at a height of 4.9m.If the time interval between successive drops is equal and the 4th drop is released when the first drop lands on the ground,find the separation between the second and the third drops.

Asked by Thomas Albin | 12th Feb, 2012, 06:57: PM

Expert Answer:

The time taken by first drop to reach the ground
h=1/2 g t2
4.9=1/2 g t2
t =1 sec
it means that the time between succesive drops is 0.33 sec.
so the time of` fall for  second drop is = 0.66
so height fallen for second drop is h=1/2 g (o.66)2=>
h(second drop)= 2.2 m
The time of fall for third drop=> h=1/2 g (0.33)2=> 0.5445 m.
h( third drop)= 0.5445 m
so distance between second and third drop= 2.2- 0.5445= 1.455 m

Answered by  | 17th Feb, 2012, 04:18: PM

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