wat r d appropriate definitions of i) range ii) domain iii) co-domain

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Consider a function f(x) defined from a set A to another set B. i.e. x are the values from set A and f(x) are the values from set B
Domain  - Domain of this function is a set of those values of x for which the function is defined.
For example, f(x) = x/1-x  is defined for all values of x except x = 1, so domain of this function is all the real numbers except 1.
Range - Range of a function means the set of all the possible values of f(x) when x is taken from the domain.
For example, f(x) = 2x + 1 has range = set of all real numbers. Here, domain is real numbers. And when x is real, f(x) will also be real.
Co-domain - The whole set from which values of f(x) are taken is called co-domain.
For example, when function is taken from A to B, set B is called the co-domain.
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