Venkatesh lives in a coastal village. He is the son of a fisherman. Whenever any unwanted animal comes in the net, instead of killing it he puts it back into the sea. Answer the following questions on the basis of the above context. a. What would have happened had he killed those animals? b. Give one reason to justify that Venkatesh's act is environment friendly. c. How can you contribute in the preservation of flora and fauna around you? (Mention any 2 points)

Asked by Sthitaprajna Mishra | 17th Feb, 2014, 08:59: PM

Expert Answer:

If Venkatesh would have killed the unwanted sea animal, he would have disturbed the food chain that operates in the aquatic ecosystem. There might be some fishes or other larger animals that feed on this unwanted animal. Its killing would have affected the food of the animals surviving on it. Thus, Venkatesh’s act of not killing the unwanted animal is justified and is definitely environment friendly with respect to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Surrounding flora and fauna can be preserved by following some environment friendly steps. Destruction of forests and uncontrolled cutting of trees, reduces the amount of oxygen that is generated by the plants. We need to plant more trees in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Animals should not be hunted, poached or killed. This result in the destruction of primary and secondary consumers thereby disturbing the balance in food chains.

The more the variety of flora and fauna, the more will be the ecosystem diversity, and consequently, more will be its capacity to keep the energy and the nutrients flowing.

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