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Vector addition is not the same as scalar addition. Vector additions are DEFINED differently.
While adding two sides of a triangle you just add the magnitude or length of the two sides.
And then you can compare it with the third side.
But while adding two vectors you add x-component of first vector to x-component of second vectors. Similarly y-components are added.
Now once we have got resusltant x and y components of the resultant vector, we do not add them, the resultant vector will be represented as:
R = ai + bj
where, a is the sum of x components and b is the some of y components.
And now if we want to find out the magnitude of the resultant vector, it is given by:
This will give you the magnitude of the resultant vector or the length of your third side of the triangle, which will be less than the addition of magnitudes or lengths of the other two sides.

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