Valency of sulphur is 2 negative which I refered from pg no. 51 of class 9 science ncert textbook and oxygen's valency is also 2 negative then how does sulphur dioxide from as only positive and negative ions form a compound then how does S O subscript 2 space f o r m space o r space S left parenthesis s right parenthesis space plus space O subscript 2 space end subscript left parenthesis g right parenthesis space equals space S O subscript 2 left parenthesis g right parenthesis space

Asked by Varsneya Srinivas | 6th Sep, 2015, 11:06: AM

Expert Answer:

  • Sulphur form higher oxidation state than oxygen as it can utilize all six outer electrons in bonding by promoting some of its to its higher 3d orbital.
  • But in case of oxygen, the next empty orbital is 3s which is considerable of higher energy than the highest occupied orbital 2p.
  • Oxygen can form positive oxidation state only with fluorine which is highly electronegative.
  • Hence, sulphur can show +4 oxidation state in SO2.
  • Sulphur show variable oxidation states such as +4,+5, +6 with oxygen in different compounds. Example: SO2, SO3, SO32- , SO42-

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 6th Sep, 2015, 04:49: PM

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