Use mirror formula to show that the virtual image formed by a convex mirror is always diminished in size and is located between focus and pole.

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Expert Answer:

It can be seen that the image is virtual, upright, and diminished.

 Image formation by a convex mirror.

The focal length  of a convex mirror is redefined to be minus the distance between points  and . In other words, the focal length of a concave mirror, with a real focus, is always positive, and the focal length of a convex mirror, with a virtual focus, is always negative. Table 6 shows how the location and character of the image formed in a convex spherical mirror depend on the location of the object, (with ). 


 Rules for image formation by convex mirrors.
Position of object Position of image Character of image
At  At  Virtual, zero size
Between  and  Between  and  Virtual, upright, diminished
At  At  Virtual, upright, same size



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