u said that there are no villi in the large intestine,but its has been mentioned in our book that the undigested food enters the large intestine wheremore villi absorb water .so what's the case ?

Asked by mrinalchatterjee | 25th Sep, 2010, 09:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Villi are absent in large intestine. Instead, the following structures are present in large intestine.
  • The taenia coli are three longitudinal muscle bands visible on the outer surfaces of the colon just beneath the serosa. Muscle tone within these bands produces the haustrae.
  • The haustrae are external pouches that permit the considerable distension and elongation required of the intestine. They also affect the mucosal lining, producing a series of internal creases.
  • Answered by  | 27th Sep, 2010, 04:08: PM

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