Two wires a and b carrying equal currbts of 10 ampere are placed parallel to each other with a separation of 4 cm between them as shown in fig. Find the magnetic field at P ,Q . 

Asked by prakriti12oct | 27th Jul, 2019, 12:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Ampere's law is used to get magnetic field at a given point which is at a distance r from  a current carrying conductor
B = μo I / (2π r)
It is assumed current directions in the two wire are same. 
Hence at P, magnetic field = μo I / (2π) [ 1/(2×10-2)  + 1/(6×10-2) ]  = (2×10-7×10)×100×[ (1/2) + (1/6) ] ≈ 1.33×10-4 T
at Q, magnetic field is zero because field due to both wires wll be getting cancelled

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 27th Jul, 2019, 04:01: PM

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