Two students started together for their school which is 2 km apart from their hostel and decided to reach in shortest possible time. They have one bicycle which they decided to use in turn as it can carry only one person. Both can walk at one 1 km / hour and both ride the cycle at 4 km / hour. One of them started walking and other started on cycle. At some intermediate point, the student riding the bicycle leaves it and starts walking towards the school. The other student, after walking upto the intermediate point continues his journey on the bicycle. Finally both reach the school simultaneously.


  1. Total time of their journey is 75 min.

  2. Total time for which one can enjoy the ride is 20 min.

  3. Total time for which one must walk is 55 min.

  4. Total time for which cycle remains unused is 45 min.

Asked by Sunil Soni | 9th Aug, 2016, 07:50: PM

Expert Answer:

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 11th Aug, 2016, 05:49: PM

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