Two processes by which a plant can develop seeds without fertilisation

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Expert Answer:

i) Parthenocarpy - In certain angiosperms, the fruits are formed without fertilisation. Such fruits are called parthenocarpic fruits and this  process is known as parthenocarpy. Parthenocarpic fruits maybe seedless or contain empty or non - viable seeds. Here, the stimulus for fruit growth is provided by the tissue of the ovary wall itself.

In seeded varieties of fruits, parthenocarpy can be induced by the application of low concentrations of auxin and gibberellins. Parthenocarpy is of great commercial value. Some of the best varieties of pine apples, banana and grapes are parthenocarpic.


ii) Apomixis or agamospermy - In this mode of reproduction, seeds are formed without the fusion of gametes. In this method, a diploid cell of the nucleus develops into an embryo. The genetic constitution of the embryo will be identical to the parent.


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