Two persons A and B appear in an interview for two vacancies available. The chance of A's selection is and that of B's selection is . What is the chance that (i) both are selected? (ii) both are rejected? (iii) only one of them is selected? (iv) at least one of them is selected?

Name two qualities for a person to possess, while appearing for an interview.

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Expert Answer:

Let P(A) = and P(B) =



(i) P(both are selected) =

(ii) P(both are rejected) =

(iii) P(only one of them selected) = P(A is selected and B is rejected or A is rejected and B is selected) = p1 q2 + q1 x p2

(iv) P(at least one is selected) = 1 - P(both are rejected)

Success is the one thing which everyone wants. For success one has to be self reliant, courageous, honest, and cooperative.

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