two objects of masses 100g and 200g are moving along the same line and direction with velocities of 2m/s and 1m/s respectively. they collide and after the collision , the first object moves at a velocity of 1.67m/s.determine the velocity of the second object.

Asked by SHERIL SINGH | 12th Sep, 2010, 11:30: AM

Expert Answer:

Since no external force acts on them, the net change in momentum is zero.
Initial momentum = Final Momentum
(100 x 2) + (200 x 1) = (100 x 1.67) + (200 x V)
V = 1.165 m/s.
Hence the second object moves with 1.165 m/s in the same direction.

Answered by  | 12th Sep, 2010, 01:46: PM

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