Two identical neutral light conducting balls suspended by insulating threads are touching each other. what would happen to the balls if a heavy positively charged sphere is placed near them?
explain in detail with appropriate reasons behind the action of the balls ( ball near to the sphere and the other ball touching the ball near to the sphere)

Asked by shrinilassp | 15th Nov, 2015, 09:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Consider two neutral light conducting balls A and B uspended by insulating threads are touching each other. When a positvely charged shpere brought close to ball A , free electrons in bothe balls are attracted towars the sphere. Thereore, left surface of ball A will develpoed negative charge and right surface of ball B will developed positive charge. So the ball A will atrract and B will repel.

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 16th Nov, 2015, 11:18: AM