Two elements with symbol X (atomic no. 11) and Y (atomic no. 13) are placed in the III period of the modern periodic table - (i) Which amongst the two has more metallic character? (ii) Calculate the valency of each element. (iii) Element ‘Y’ is smaller than ‘X’ in terms of atomic size. Is the statement true, justify?

Asked by Kunwar Digvijay Singh Tanwar | 2nd Mar, 2013, 05:51: PM

Expert Answer:

i) X has a more metallic character as metallic character decreases as we go from left to right in a period.

ii) Valency of X= +1

Valency of Y= +3

iii) The statement is true. As we move from left to right along a period the atomic size decreases. This is because of higher number of protons in the nucleus which leads to a higher force of attraction between the nucleus and electrons,

Answered by  | 2nd Mar, 2013, 07:47: PM

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