two electric bulbs b1 (100w-220v) nad b2(60w-220v) are connected in series to apower supply of 220 v then which one is more bright or willthe brightnesss deoend on the order in which the bulbs are placed

Asked by Akanksha Sood | 12th Jan, 2014, 04:04: PM

Expert Answer:

The brightness of the bulbs will depend on the current through them.
The current is given as I = P/V.
Now, P of b1 is greater than P of b2, thus current through bulb b1 is greater than b2.
Thus, the bulb b1 will glow with more brightness.
The brightness does not depend on the order in which the bulbs are placed.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 13th Jan, 2014, 10:15: AM

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