Two compass needles are placed near a current carrying wire at points P and Q as shown(see figure). Then: a)their needles will not deflect b)needle at P only will deflect c)both the needles will deflect in same direction. d)the needles will deflect in opposite directions....Please give reason.

Asked by sumandeesinghrana | 12th Oct, 2010, 09:01: PM

Expert Answer:

Magnetic field due to wire is circular with wire passing throufh the center of circle.
In above fig field line will be coming out  of page at point P and going into the page at point Q
So needle at P will point toward you (i.e. out of page) and at Q it will point into the page.Therefore d) is the correct option.

Answered by  | 12th Oct, 2010, 11:44: PM

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