two charges of magnitude -2Q and +Q are located at points (a,0) and (4a, 0) respectively. what is the electric flux due to these charges through a sphere of radius '3a' with its centre at origin?

Asked by Jaispee Saran | 22nd Sep, 2015, 04:26: PM

Expert Answer:

According to gauss theorem we know that the electric flux through a closed surface enclosing a charge is equal to 1/ε0 times the magnitude of the charge enclosed.
The charge enclosed by the sphere = -2Q
Therefore in this case the electric flux due to these charges through sphere of radius 3a with its centre at the origin,
begin mathsize 14px style straight ϕ subscript straight E equals fraction numerator negative 2 straight Q over denominator straight epsilon subscript 0 end fraction end style

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 22nd Sep, 2015, 05:16: PM

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