Two cars are moving in the same direction with the same speed of 30 km/h. they are seperated by a distance of 5km. a truck moving in the opposite direction meets these two cars at an interval of 4 minutes. find the speed of the truck.

Asked by  | 21st Aug, 2012, 12:19: AM

Expert Answer:

let the velocity of truck be v
velocity of cars= 30 kmph
thus relative velocity of truck with that of cars will be= v+30
distance between the cars = 5 km
time taken by truck to cover that up = 4 min = 1/15 hr
thus velocity of truck with respect to that of cars will be=
5/(1/15) = 75 = v+30
thus v = 45 mph

Answered by  | 26th Aug, 2012, 01:08: AM

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