Two athletes on a team,A and B,are practising to compete in a boat race.Athlete A has a mass of 70kg.B has a mass of 75kg and the boat has a mass of 20kg.Athlete A can exert an average force of 400N and B an average force of 420N on the boat using paddles.During paddling,the magnitude of the water resistance on the boat is 380N.Calculate the acceleration of the boat

Asked by bharatsinh226 | 1st Jul, 2017, 04:27: PM

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Assuming that athletes A and B are in the same boat.
- Calculate total mass M = 70+75+20 = 165 kg.
- Calculate the total force F = 400 N + 420 N - 380 N = 440 N (-380 N because it is the force by which the water resists or tries to stop the motion of the boat)
- Apply the above values in the formula F= MA to calculate the acceleration of the given boat.
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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 2nd Jul, 2017, 02:54: PM