Total type of classification ?

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Expert Answer:

Three types of classification of living organisms are followed. They are:

Artificial system: It is based on limited number of characters of living organism and is used for primary identification of living organism. This classification uses form, shape as prominent features for grouping organisms.
Example: Plants – Herbs, shrubs and trees

              Animals – Aquatic, terrestrial and aerial

Natural system: It is based on the similarities and differences in large number of features such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, reproduction & cytology to compare the organisms and establish a relationship between them. It overshadows many  disadvantages of artificial system of classification.  

Phylogeneticic system: It is based on the evolution of life and shows the genetic relationships of organisms. This system is based on Darwin’s Concept of Natural Selection.  Phylogenetic System relies on fossil records and is not static.
Whittaker’s five kingdom system of classification is based on this type. Whittaker classified living organisms into 5 kingdoms, namely Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.

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