total surface areas n volumes

Asked by  | 27th Jan, 2009, 07:41: PM

Expert Answer:

let the height be h and radius be r.

volume of  the cylinder= pi*r2*h

and volume of the cone = (1/3)*pi*r2*h

so the voluem of the remaining solid will be = pi*r2*h- (1/3)*pi*r2*h = (2/3)*pi*r2*h

surface area of remaining solid = surface area of top+surface area of hollow cone + surface area of cylindrical part

=pi*r2 + pi*r*l + 2*pi*r*h

where l is equal to (r2+h2) .

put the value of h=24cm and r=D/2 = 7cm

Answered by  | 29th Jan, 2009, 02:00: AM

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