tomorrow is my exam i would appreciate if you send anwser today

Asked by pranavjain | 28th Feb, 2010, 11:07: AM

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Dear student,

Reverberation is the result of the many reflections of a sound that occur in a room. From any sound source, say a speaker of your stereo, there is a direct path that the sounds covers to reach our ears. But that's not the only way the sound can reach us. Sound waves can also take a slightly longer path by reflecting off a wall or the ceiling, before arriving at your ears.A reflected sound wave like this will arrive a little later than the direct sound, since it travels a longer distance, and is generally a little weaker, as the walls and other surfaces in the room will absorb some of the sound energy. Of course, these reflected waves can again bounce off another wall before arriving at your ears, and so on. This series of delayed and attenuated sound waves is what we call reverb.

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